Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Butterfly Garden Cupcakes

Photography by Steve Brown

This cupcake evokes the world of fairies & fantasy!

Easy Vanilla Butter Cupcake batter, divided between 36 to 50 paper baking cups (see related recipe)
1 quantity Simple Glace Icing (see related recipes)
Pink liquid food coloring
Blue liquid food coloring
Rocket pastel colored candies
3-5 pastel-coloured wired silk butterflies (from craft stores)

Divide the icing into thirds. Add 12-15 drops of pink coloring to 1 portion, 5-6 drops of blue coloring to 1 portion, then 12-14 drops pink coloring & 2-4 drops blue coloring to last portion to make purple. Mix each well.

Spread pink icing over 4 cupcakes. Top each with 5 pink Rocket candies in a circular pattern, with a different colour in the centre, pressing gently into icing. Repeat with remaining cupcakes, blue icing, purple icing & Rocket Candies to make 4 blue-iced cupcakes & 4 purple-iced cupcakes. (You will have 12 flower-patterned cupcakes in total.) Set aside for 1 hour or until set.

Meanwhile, spread pink icing over 12 more cupcakes, blue over the next 12 & purple over remaining cupcakes. Set aside for 1 hour or until set.

To assemble, arrange 10 plain-iced cupcakes (mixing pink, blue & purple) in a circle on a cake stand. Top with 7 plain-iced cupcakes. Continue to layer, with 4 plain-iced cupcakes in the third layer & 2 in fourth layer.

Arrange the remaining plain-iced cupcakes, icing facing outwards, on the outside of the cupcake stack & randomly place the flower-patterned cupcakes in between. Position the butterflies so they 'fly' above the cupcakes.
For more control over the final colour of the icing, use toothpicks to add food coloring, drop by drop.

Makes 50 cupcakes.

Good Taste - July 2001, Page 57
Recipe by Michelle Southan